The most accurate data lineage available, across your stack

Alvin's proprietary parsing technology untangles even the most complex data flows at the column level. Get the context you need to speed up time to insight, ship and debug faster, and optimize your pipelines.

Broad statement coverage

From struct fields to user defined functions, no query is too complex.

Cross system

Break down the boundaries between your tools, from source to BI.

Smart filtering

Automatic pattern detection and grouping filters out the noise.

A team powered by accurate lineage data is more effective at delivering high quality data to their stakeholders.


Reduce the time spent planning changes by 90%.

Automatically generate detailed impact analysis reports in seconds to understand the full downstream impact of a change before you make it.

  • Take the manual planning (and guesswork) out of making changes in your data warehouse.
  • Follow the impact downstream to see all of the refactoring needed to safely make a change.
  • Filter, search and sort the results by usage to find what is important.

Fix data issues fast.

When an issue is identified, quickly isolate the root cause using field level lineage, query logs and query versions.

  • Reduce the time and resources spent on resolving errors.
  • Mitigate the impact of data quality incidents on your data consumers.
  • Leverage usage data to identify which downstream users will be impacted.

Market leading accuracy, refined over billions of queries

Not all parsers are made equal. Our novel approach leverages parser combinators for superior accuracy, performance, and extensibility.

  • Zoom in from a table or dashboard to a column or chart depending on the granularity you need.
  • Lineage data can be layered with Alvin's other metadata to solve a range of different use cases.
  • With lineage versioning you can see how lineage has changed over time.

Start optimizing your data warehouse for free today

Alvin correlates metadata across your stack. A range of deep integrations that take minutes to set up.