Plug and play lineage for data engineers

Alvin brings advanced data lineage capabilities within the reach of every data team. Spend your time on the human stuff, and leave the rest to Alvin.



Manually mapping data bytes.

Let’s be real - some jobs are better left to the machines. Alvin doesn’t get bored. Alvin doesn’t make mistakes. Alvin doesn’t cook fish in the microwave. Stop wasting time on the tedious, and focus on driving real value (the fun part).

Accurate impact analysis

Are you a change dodger? Manual mapper? Hope for the best-er? Team up with Alvin and develop at speed, safe in the knowledge nothing is going to break.

Rapid problem tracing

Dashboards break; it’s a fact of life. But you don’t have to firefight the complaints single handedly. With Alvin, trace problems in minutes, and restore balance to the world.

Granular usage analytics

Do you ever wonder what happens to your data products once they're released? Use Alvin to check in on them. See what worked, what didn’t and what can be junked.

Powerful data lineage

Zero setup 

Built for BI teams


See how your data flows.

In code.




Click any data flow and see the code that moved it, and when.


In-context usage metrics.

At the column level.



Get the full picture with time-series usage metrics for your columns, tables and dashboards.

Go back in time.

In the lineage time machine.


Every wondered how your data moved 3 years ago? Okay probably not. Ever wished you could revert a breaking change? Yes, thought so.

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Team up with Alvin today

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