Shine a light into the BI black box

Identify inefficient dashboards, and get the insight you need to optimize for speed and performance.

Granular metrics

Usage and cost information down to the individual charts in your dashboards.

Monitor usage trends

Measure the adoption and retention of your dashboards.

Correlated data

See how your dashboard is connected to your data warehouse at the column level.

Get more business value for less from your BI data products.


Break down cost and performance by dashboard and chart

Identify the inefficient queries behind your most expensive dashboards, and identify opportunities to optimize them.

  • Identify the individual charts that are driving cost.
  • Analyze the SQL behind your charts to improve performance.
  • Compare usage with cost to understand the ROI.

Identify the users and teams that are driving cost

Allocate costs to teams and users and create a culture of accountability.

  • Identify inefficient consumption patterns by teams and individuals.
  • Empower teams to take responsibility for their data spend.
  • Align incentives across teams and provide transparency.

Take action with column level lineage

Get the full lineage from chart to source, giving you the context needed to optimize your workflows.

  • Column-level, cross system lineage gives you the full picture.
  • Trace lineage upstream to get the true cost of your dashboards, including pipeline costs.
  • Get insights into the usage of your Looker explores.

Start optimizing your data warehouse for free today

Alvin correlates metadata across your stack. A range of deep integrations that take minutes to set up.