Maximise the ROI of your Data Team

Remove unused tables and pipelines bloating your cloud spend. Save days of manual work per week with testing and problem tracing. Shield your team from endless questions through automated data governance.

Alvin powers you and your team with the actionable insights needed to have the maximum impact on your business.

Integrates across your stack

BQ BigQuery
PG Postgres
HI Hive
SF Snowflake
RS Redshift
DB Databricks
LO Looker
MO Mode
TA Tableau
AF Airflow
HT HighTouch

The richest, most accurate lineage dataset available

Most companies that offer data lineage cover less than 70% of cases. It has been our core focus since Alvin was born. So you get the best available.

Sync Completely automated plug and play data lineage
SF sync_alt Lo sync_alt dbt Cross system: connect data stores, BI and orchestration tools
view_column Field level lineage
filter_list Filter lineage by date range and user
Ka S3 folder Add assets and lineage manually for unsupported sources
Video showing data lineage in Alvin.
Video showing impact analysis in Alvin.

Prevent broken pipelines with impact analysis

Avoiding breaking changes beats observing failures. Alvin keeps your pipelines running, and your team focused on impactful work.

sync Dry run your SQL to detect breaking changes
sync_alt Cross system impact
dbt Run impact analysis on your dbt models
git lab Get impact reports as comments on your Git pull requests

Remove unused pipelines and assets. Reduce cloud spend.

Filter your assets by usage, identify what is not driving business value, and reduce cloud data spend by up to 50%.

attach_money Detect unused columns, table, dashboards and pipelines to cut costs
tonality Save filter sets as views to quickly identify savings.
filter_list Filter by: usage, tag, data owner, last used, parent, PII + more
group See who in your team is using assets what assets
Video showing usage based search and filtering in Alvin.
Video showing data catalog in Alvin.

A modern data catalog, powered by automation

A data catalog is only as good as the data that powers it. Our data catalog is built on top of our high quality usage and lineage data.

search Discover data with usage powered search
sell Use rules to automatically tag your data assets
lock Auto detection of PII and sensitive data
book Business glossary to define your metrics


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