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We raised our latest funding round in order to build a world-class engineering team. We have multiple positions to fill, although our top priority is a senior engineer who will work side by side with our technical founder Martin to build the team. You’ll have your areas of expertise, but also the confidence to jump between different technologies when required.

Alvin is revolutionising how modern data teams govern the ever-increasing volumes of data flowing through their systems. Manually governing data takes time; the most valuable commodity in a scaling company. Alvin feeds on metadata, and uses this to automate key data governance tasks, such as dependency mapping, access management and data classification. 

We will release the self-serve version of our automated data lineage product Q1 2021. We’re well funded, and you’ll be joining a team of two (the founders), so you’ll have a key role in shaping our product and culture.

Alvin builds and maintains a real time data structure that maps data between tools in a unified way. Like Google indexed the web, we are indexing tools, databases, people and their interactions, creating a weighted graph to enable meaningful search and insights. It’s this that powers our use-case driven modules, the first of which is dependency mapping. You can read more here.


What you’ll be doing

  • Designing and building cutting edge tech in the data governance space

  • Helping us to grow the engineering team from 1 to 5 over the next 12 months

  • Helping us shape the product roadmap

  • Adopting a customer-centric approach to software development

  • Designing systems that scale to process huge volumes of data efficiently

What we need

  • BS/MS in a technical subject like Computer Science, Mathematics or similar (relevant experience will compensate)

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in software development

  • Strong understanding of SQL and database technologies

  • Ability to formulate your technical ideas, make decisions and communicate tradeoffs

  • You have built and deployed frontend applications  using React, Vue, Angular or Ember (we use Vue/Typescript)

  • You have built and deployed backend systems and are familiar with authentication, separation of concerns, testing and building scalable codebases (we use Python and Kotlin)

  • A self-starter: you have created something yourself before - a startup, an open-source project, or something else

  • Located in or willing to move to Tallinn (we are part of the startup visa programme so relocation from outside of the EU possible)


Extra credit

  • Personal experience of the pains we’re solving: database changes breaking dashboards, poorly formatted data causing havoc, fears of exposed PII etc.

  • Worked in a data/BI engineering role

  • Knowledge of formal grammars, syntaxes and writing parsers

  • Experience in building architectures based on streaming data technologies for low-latency data processing

What you’ll get

  • Base pay and meaningful stock options

  • The founders experience at a well-funded startup

  • Work in Lift99, a thriving startup hub

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To discuss the role further, send a link to your LinkedIn or Github profile to martin@alvin.ai along with some personal reflections about the problems Alvin is trying to solve.

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